Ambient computing applications: an experience with the SPREAD approach

11 years 4 months ago
Ambient computing applications: an experience with the SPREAD approach
Todays, we assist to the explosive development of mobile computing devices like PDAs and cell-phones, the integration of embedded intelligence (like Web server) in more and more common devices, and the proliferation of wireless communication technologies (IRdA, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, GPRS). All these trends contribute to move us closer to the ubiquitous computing world described by Mark Weiser. But while the technology is here, applications, and more important, models and tools for designing future ambient computing systems are still rare. One of the first innovative concept of ubiquitous computing, context-awareness, is still hard to use and understand from a programming perspective. We think that the problem resides in the lack of system support : in traditional computing, operating sysrs simple to use and easy to understand abstractions of computational resources. Ubiquitous computing involves an integration of “computing” into the real-world, which is a radically different e...
Paul Couderc, Michel Banâtre
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Paul Couderc, Michel Banâtre
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