AML: An Architecture Meta-Language

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AML: An Architecture Meta-Language
The language AML is used to specify the semantics of architecture description languages, ADLs. It is a very primitive language, having declarations for only three constructs: elements, kinds, and relationships. Each of these constructs may be constrained via predicates in temporal logic. The essence of AML is the ability to specify structure and to constrain the dynamic evolution of that structure. Dynamic evolution concerns arise with considerable variation in time scale. One may constrain how a system can evolve by monitoring its development lifecycle. Another approach to such concerns involves limiting systems' construction primitives to those from appropriate styles. One may wish to constrain what implementations are appropriate; concerns for interface compatibility are then germane. And finally, one may want to constrain the ability of the architecture to be modified as it is running. AML attempts to provide specification constructs that can be used to express all of these c...
David S. Wile
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Year 1999
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