An Analysis Framework for Mobile Workforce Automation

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An Analysis Framework for Mobile Workforce Automation
In this paper we introduce an analysis framework for mobile workforce automation. The framework is based on the findings from earlier research as well as on an analysis of 27 recent case studies conducted within the field of mobile workforce automation. It consists of a general reference process for mobile work and of a model explaining influencing factors (worker, task, coordination system, information system), optimization goals and their relationships in mobile business processes. The framework can be applied to process modeling, simulation, and optimization as well as to requirements analysis and return on investment calculations. Based on the results of case study evaluation, it is furthermore shown, that recent mobile IT solutions are mainly built for relatively simple processes and cooperation models. Mobilizing more complex processes still seems to be a challenge.
Volker Gruhn, André Köhler
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where EDOC
Authors Volker Gruhn, André Köhler
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