Analysis of a Mixed Strategy for Multiple Relay Networks

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Analysis of a Mixed Strategy for Multiple Relay Networks
Abstract— Infrastructure based wireless communications systems as well as ad hoc networks experience a growing importance in present-day telecommunications. An increased density and popularity of mobile terminals poses the question how to exploit wireless networks more efficiently. One possibility is to use relay nodes supporting the end-to-end communication of two nodes. In their landmark paper Cover and El Gamal proposed different coding strategies for the single-relay channel. These strategies are the decode-and-forward and compress-and-forward approach, as well as a general lower bound on the capacity of a single-relay network which relies on the combined application of the previous two strategies. So far, only parts of their work the decode-and-forward and the compress-and-forward strategy - have been applied to networks with multiple relays. In this paper a generalizing framework for multiple-relay networks is derived using a combined approach of partial decodeand-forward and ...
Peter Rost, Gerhard Fettweis
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where CORR
Authors Peter Rost, Gerhard Fettweis
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