An Analysis Tool for Execution of BPEL Services

12 years 2 months ago
An Analysis Tool for Execution of BPEL Services
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is an XML-based language for specifying services. There have been numerous recent research and development efforts in both statically analyzing service specifications and support for services execution. In spite of these work, there is still an urgent need for quality assurance for BPEL services in the following two aspects. First, there is a lack of tools and techniques to aid understanding BPEL service specifications and execution in order to make informed decisions about the correctness of its observed functionality. Second, we need maneuverability in exploring a service execution to identify the source of an erroneous service. In this paper, we develop an Execution Analysis tool for BPEL (EA4B) that can be used to address both aspects of this problem. EA4B defines an execution log design that formats what and how information should be written to file by a BPEL execution engine. EA4B can then establish an indirect link to the execution eng...
Ariane Gravel, Xiang Fu, Jianwen Su
Added 04 Jun 2010
Updated 04 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Ariane Gravel, Xiang Fu, Jianwen Su
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