Analytical modeling of random waypoint mobility patterns

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Analytical modeling of random waypoint mobility patterns
Mobility, in its various forms, is one of the sources of several technical challenges being addressed in the last years to achieve a more flexible computing and communication infrastructure. In this context, the study and characterization of node mobility in wireless networks is extremely important to foresee the node distribution in the network, thus enabling the creation of suitable models and a more accurate prediction of performance and dependability levels. In this paper we adopt a Markovian formalism, namely SAN (Stochastic Automata Networks), to model and analyze various aspects of the Random Waypoint mobility pattern. We first show the compatibility of our results with existing continuous state studies and then we extend the analysis of the Random Waypoint by addressing different specific, but far from irrelevant, aspects of the mobility pattern. In this sense, this contribution shows both results for this mobility pattern as well as the suitability of the SAN formalism to...
Fábio Delamare, Fernando Luís Dotti,
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Type Conference
Year 2006
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Authors Fábio Delamare, Fernando Luís Dotti, Paulo Fernandes, Cristina M. Nunes, Luciano C. Ost
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