Analyzing Clickstreams Using Subsessions

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Analyzing Clickstreams Using Subsessions
Analyzing data obtained from web server logs, so-called “clickstreams”, is rapidly becoming one of the most important activities for companies in any sector as most businesses become ebusinesses. Clickstream analysis can reveal usage patterns on the company’s web site and give a highly improved understanding of customer behavior. This understanding can then be utilized for improving customer satisfaction with the web site and the company in general, yielding a huge business advantage. In this paper, we present the results of a clickstream analysis project at a large Danish mortgage provider. The paper first describes clickstream data and its usefulness, then it introduces the questions that the company wanted answered in the project. One of the major problems in clickstream analysis is sequences of clicks, which are difficult to handle using normal techniques. This problem is handled by introducing the concept of subsessions, which captures sequences of clicks explicitly. Tech...
Jesper Andersen, Anders Giversen, Allan H. Jensen,
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Updated 01 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Jesper Andersen, Anders Giversen, Allan H. Jensen, Rune S. Larsen, Torben Bach Pedersen, Janne Skyt
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