Analyzing the spread of active worms over VANET

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Analyzing the spread of active worms over VANET
Interactive communications among nodes in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) and the safety-oriented nature of many VANET applications necessitate a robust security framework. An active worm over VANET can, in addition to the well-known threats to information confidentiality, integrity and service availability, pose a whole new class of trafficrelated threats (ranging from congestion to large-scale accidents). This paper investigates the parameters governing the spread of active worms over VANET. To this end, we first define the average effective distance between two VANET vehicles using parameters of freeway traffic (such as velocity, time lag, number of lanes and traffic density). This effective distance measure is then used to describe the behavior of a VANET link as a log-normal shadow fading channel. The channel model is employed to define the VANET topology as a geometric random graph. We derive an analytic expression describing the average node degree of the VANET graph. The spr...
Syed A. Khayam, Hayder Radha
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Syed A. Khayam, Hayder Radha
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