Anchor-Flood: Results for OAEI 2009

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Anchor-Flood: Results for OAEI 2009
Our ontology schema matching algorithm takes the essence of the locality of reference by considering the neighboring concepts and relations to align the entities of ontologies. It starts off a seed point called an anchor (a pair of “look-alike” concepts across ontologies) and collects two blocks of neighboring concepts across ontologies. The concepts of the pair of blocks are aligned and the process is repeated for newly found aligned pairs. This year, we use a semantically reformed dynamic block of concepts starting from an anchor-concept and produce two blocks from one anchor to get alignment. We improve our memory management. The experimental results show its effectiveness against the benchmark, anatomy track and other datasets. We also extend our algorithm to match instances of IIMB benchmarks and we obtained effective results. 1 Presentation of the system During OAEI-2008, our ontology alignment system used the locality of reference for collecting neighboring concepts with str...
Md. Seddiqui Hanif, Masaki Aono
Added 27 May 2010
Updated 27 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Md. Seddiqui Hanif, Masaki Aono
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