AnnoSearch: Image Auto-Annotation by Search

13 years 8 months ago
AnnoSearch: Image Auto-Annotation by Search
Although it has been studied for several years by computer vision and machine learning communities, image annotation is still far from practical. In this paper, we present AnnoSearch, a novel way to annotate images using search and data mining technologies. Leveraging the Web-scale images, we solve this problem in two-steps: 1) searching for semantically and visually similar images on the Web, 2) and mining annotations from them. Firstly, at least one accurate keyword is required to enable text-based search for a set of semantically similar images. Then content-based search is performed on this set to retrieve visually similar images. At last, annotations are mined from the descriptions (titles, URLs and surrounding texts) of these images. It worth highlighting that to ensure the efficiency, high dimensional visual features are mapped to hash codes which significantly speed up the content-based search process. Our proposed approach enables annotating with unlimited vocabulary, which i...
Xin-Jing Wang, Lei Zhang, Feng Jing, Wei-Ying Ma
Added 12 Oct 2009
Updated 12 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CVPR
Authors Xin-Jing Wang, Lei Zhang, Feng Jing, Wei-Ying Ma
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