Anomaly Detection through Registration

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Anomaly Detection through Registration
We study an application of image registration in the medical domain. Based on a 3-D hierarchical deformable registration algorithm, we developed a prototype for automatic registering a standard atlas to a patient's data to create a customized atlas. The registration algorithm can also be applied to detect asymmetry in the patient data to help indicate the existence and location of any pathology. We have conducted experiments on 11 MRI scans of normal brains, 3 MRI and 1 CT scan of brains with pathologies.
Mei Chen, Takeo Kanade, Henry A. Rowley, Dean Pome
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Updated 30 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where CVPR
Authors Mei Chen, Takeo Kanade, Henry A. Rowley, Dean Pomerleau
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