Anonysense: privacy-aware people-centric sensing

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Anonysense: privacy-aware people-centric sensing
Personal mobile devices are increasingly equipped with the capability to sense the physical world (through cameras, microphones, and accelerometers, for example) and the network world (with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces). Such devices offer many new opportunities for cooperative sensing applications. For example, users' mobile phones may contribute data to community-oriented information services, from city-wide pollution monitoring to enterprise-wide detection of unauthorized Wi-Fi access points. This peoplecentric mobile-sensing model introduces a new security challenge in the design of mobile systems: protecting the privacy of participants while allowing their devices to reliably contribute high-quality data to these large-scale applications. We describe AnonySense, a privacy-aware architecture for realizing pervasive applications based on collaborative, opportunistic sensing by personal mobile devices. AnonySense allows applications to submit sensing tasks that will be distri...
Cory Cornelius, Apu Kapadia, David Kotz, Daniel Pe
Added 24 Dec 2009
Updated 24 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Cory Cornelius, Apu Kapadia, David Kotz, Daniel Peebles, Minho Shin, Nikos Triandopoulos
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