Answering Metric Skyline Queries by PM-tree

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Answering Metric Skyline Queries by PM-tree
Abstract. The task of similarity search in multimedia databases is usually accomplished by range or k nearest neighbor queries. However, the expressing power of these "single-example" queries fails when the user's delicate query intent is not available as a single example. Recently, the well-known skyline operator was reused in metric similarity search as a "multi-example" query type. When applied on a multi-dimensional database (i.e., on a multi-attribute table), the traditional skyline operator selects all database objects that are not dominated by other objects. The metric skyline query adopts the skyline operator such that the multiple attributes are represented by distances (similarities) to multiple query examples. The metric skyline is supposed to constitute a set of representative database objects which are as similar to all the examples as possible and, simultaneously, are semantically distinct. In this paper we propose a technique of processing the me...
Tomás Skopal, Jakub Lokoc
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Tomás Skopal, Jakub Lokoc
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