Anthropometric 3D Face Recognition

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Anthropometric 3D Face Recognition
Abstract We present a novel anthropometric three dimensional (Anthroface 3D) face recognition algorithm, which is based on a systematically selected set of discriminatory structural characteristics of the human face derived from the existing scientific literature on facial anthropometry. We propose a novel technique for automatically detecting 10 anthropometric facial fiducial points that are associated with these discriminatory anthropometric features. We isolate and employ unique textural and/or structural characteristics of these fiducial points, along with the established anthropometric facial proportions of the human face for detecting them. Lastly, we develop a completely automatic face recognition algorithm that employs facial 3D Euclidean and geodesic distances between these 10 automatically located anthropometric facial fiducial points and a linear discriminant classifier. On a database of 1149 facial images of 118 subjects, we show that the standard deviation of the Euclidean...
Shalini Gupta, Mia K. Markey, Alan C. Bovik
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Updated 18 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where IJCV
Authors Shalini Gupta, Mia K. Markey, Alan C. Bovik
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