Anti-Jamming and Anti-Multipath Performances of Generalized FH/BFSK

8 years 11 months ago
Anti-Jamming and Anti-Multipath Performances of Generalized FH/BFSK
- We consider and investigate a generalized signaling method for non-coherent orthogonal FH/BFSK in band multitone jamming (BMJ). We let symbol tones not be restricted within one common band, but be pre-designed or randomly selected from all available tones. We present hopping assignments that are more resistant to jamming and multipath fading. Simulation results show that in n = 1 BMJ and AWGN, performances of all assignments have similar asymptotic behaviors in high signal-tojammer-ratio (SJR) conditions, whereas in n = 2 BMJ and AWGN, there exists around 6 dB performance gain in the proposed assignments over the conventional FH/BFSK when the bit error probability (BEP) level is -2 10 . In 2-path Rayleigh fading channel corrupted by n = 1 BMJ, the performance gain is at least 15 dB. The orthogonality between two contiguous symbol tones in conventional FH/BFSK is severely destroyed by the delayed second path. This kind of multipath interference, however, can be greatly alleviated by t...
Yi-Chen Chen, Kwang-Cheng Chen
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where VTC
Authors Yi-Chen Chen, Kwang-Cheng Chen
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