Anti-Symmetry of Higher-Order Subtyping

10 years 3 months ago
Anti-Symmetry of Higher-Order Subtyping
This paper gives the first proof that the subtyping relation of a higherorder lambda calculus, Fω ≤, is anti-symmetric, establishing in the process that the subtyping relation is a partial order—reflexive, transitive, and anti-symmetric up to β-equality. While a subtyping relation is reflexive and transitive by definition, anti-symmetry is a derived property. The result, which may seem obvious to the non-expert, is technically challenging, and had been an open problem for almost a decade. In this context, typed operational semantics for subtyping offers a powerful new technology to solve the problem: of particular importance is our extended rule for the well-formedness of types with head variables. The paper also gives a presentation of Fω ≤ without a relation for β-equality, apparently the first such, and shows its equivalence with the traditional presentation.
Adriana B. Compagnoni, Healfdene Goguen
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where CSL
Authors Adriana B. Compagnoni, Healfdene Goguen
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