Application specific non-volatile primary memory for embedded systems

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Application specific non-volatile primary memory for embedded systems
Memory subsystems have been considered as one of the most critical components in embedded systems and furthermore, displaying increasing complexity as application requirements diversify. Modern embedded systems are generally equipped with multiple heterogeneous memory devices to satisfy diverse requirements and constraints. NAND flash memory has been widely adopted for data storage because of its outstanding benefits on cost, power, capacity and nonvolatility. However, in NAND flash memory, the intrinsic costs for the read and write accesses are highly disproportionate in performance and access granularity. The consequent data management complexity and performance deterioration have precluded the adoption of NAND flash memory. In this paper, we introduce a highly effective non-volatile primary memory architecture which incorporates application specific information to develop a NAND flash based primary memory. The proposed architecture provides a unified non-volatile primary memory sol...
Kwangyoon Lee, Alex Orailoglu
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Updated 18 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Kwangyoon Lee, Alex Orailoglu
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