Application Study in Decision Support with Fuzzy Cognitive Map

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Application Study in Decision Support with Fuzzy Cognitive Map
Fuzzy cognitive map is an approach to knowledge representation and inference; it emphasizes the connections of concepts as basic units for storing knowledge, and the structure that represents the significance of system. One of the most useful aspects of the FCM is its prediction capability as a prediction tool. Little research has been done on the goal-oriented analysis with FCM. In this paper, we propose a methodology for decision support, the method uses immune algorithm to find the initial state of system in given goal state. The proposed algorithm takes the error objective function and constraints as antigen, through genetic evolution, an antibody that most fits the antigen becomes the solution. Finally, an illustrative example is provided, and its results suggest that the method is capable of goal-oriented decision support. Keywords--Fuzzy cognitive map, Immune algorithm, Knowledge representation, Decision support
Yue He
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Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Yue He
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