Applications of Simulation to Social Sciences

10 years 3 months ago
Applications of Simulation to Social Sciences
What is the degree of sophistication that we have to put into the agents in agents based computer simulation models? Should we provide them with a "mind"? The answer ranges from Axelrod's simplicity principle to the use of full BDI (Beliefs, Intentions, Desires) cognitive agents. To discuss the subject we introduce here four models: one with "no-mind" agents that operate in an unstructured market, the second with "minded" agents assuring some stability to an emerging unstructured market; the third with no mind agents, that show a sophisticated outcome in a structured market and, finally, the fourth with "minded" agents in a structured market. No generalized results come from this presentation, but many useful doubts. Mainly, from the "no-mind" perspective, we show that it is possible to obtain complex patterns (as bubbles in a stock market) without BDI agents, when the market structure is highly sophisticated, and consequently abl...
Gérard Ballot, Gérard Weisbuch
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Gérard Ballot, Gérard Weisbuch
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