An Approach for Real-Time Database Modeling and Performance Management

12 years 26 days ago
An Approach for Real-Time Database Modeling and Performance Management
It is challenging to manage the performance of real-time databases (RTDBs) that are often used in data-intensive real-time applications such as agile manufacturing and target tracking. Feedback control has recently been considered a promising approach to enabling reliable real-time data service. However, most existing work on feedback control of RTDB performance is not based on a RTDB-specific control model, which is critical for closed-loop system design. To address this problem, we design a novel RTDB model that can capture RTDB dynamics by modeling the relation between the total arrival rate (sum of the transaction arrival rate and restart rate) and utilization via a difference equation. Based on the model, we design and tune a utilization controller to compute the total arrival rate adjustment needed to support the desired average/transient utilization. We also design a QoS management scheme and admission control technique that can judiciously adapt the transaction QoS and arriva...
Jisu Oh, Kyoung-Don Kang
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where RTAS
Authors Jisu Oh, Kyoung-Don Kang
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