An Approach to Test Aspect-oriented Programs

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An Approach to Test Aspect-oriented Programs
— Software testing is a perennial problem, consequently it scores scant attention. An inclusion to testing challenges is aspect-oriented paradigm, which has a dichotomy of core and crosscutting concerns. Since emergent behavior of the aspects during their interaction with objects, and inter dependencies not only incurring challenges for testing, but also alludes to creation of innovative testing techniques. Several faults are introduced by aspects. In this paper, we have surveyed all the existing testing techniques including static verification techniques for aspect-oriented programs. These factors appeal us to devise a comprehensive testing framework to meet obliviousness of harmful aspects. Various approaches are lacking in automation or either can’t deal with testing of large programs. This paper suggests the need of regression testing by analyzing the prevailing testing techniques for aspect-oriented programs, and investigates efficacy of regression testing. The paper proposes ...
M. N. Qamar, Aziz Nadeem, R. Aziz
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WCE
Authors M. N. Qamar, Aziz Nadeem, R. Aziz
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