Approximating the Non-contiguous Multiple Organization Packing Problem

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Approximating the Non-contiguous Multiple Organization Packing Problem
We present in this paper a 5/2-approximation algorithm for scheduling rigid jobs on multi-organizations. For a given set of n jobs, the goal is to construct a schedule for N organizations (composed each of m identical processors) minimizing the maximum completion time (makespan). This algorithm runs in O(n(N +log(n)) log(npmax)), where pmax is the maximum processing time of the jobs. It improves the best existing low cost approximation algorithms. Moreover, the proposed analysis can be extended to a more generic approach which suggests different job partitions that could lead to low cost approximation algorithms of ratio better than 5/2. 1 Problem statement In this paper we consider the problem of scheduling rigid jobs on Multi-organizations. An organization is a set of m identical available processors. A job j must be executed on qj processors (sometimes called the degree of parallelism) during pj units of time. The qj processors must be allocated on the same organization. The makespa...
Marin Bougeret, Pierre-François Dutot, Klau
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Marin Bougeret, Pierre-François Dutot, Klaus Jansen, Christina Otte, Denis Trystram
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