Architecting for evolvability by means of traceability and features

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Architecting for evolvability by means of traceability and features
The frequent changes during the development and usage of large software systems often lead to a loss of architectural quality which hampers the implementation of further changes and thus the systems’ evolution. To maintain the evolvability of such software systems, their architecture has to fulfil particular quality criteria. Available metrics and rigour approaches do not provide sufficient means to evaluate architectures regarding these criteria, and reviews require a high effort. This paper presents an approach for an evaluation of architectural models during design decisions, for early feedback and as part of architectural assessments. As the quality criteria for evolvability, model relations in terms of traceability links between feature model, design and implementation are evaluated. Indicators are introduced to assess these model relations, similar to metrics, but accompanied by problem resolution actions. The indicators are defined formally to enable a tool-based evaluatio...
Robert Brcina, Matthias Riebisch
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where KBSE
Authors Robert Brcina, Matthias Riebisch
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