Architecture Considerations for Multi-Format Programmable Video Processors

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Architecture Considerations for Multi-Format Programmable Video Processors
Many different video processor architectures exist. Its architecture gives a processor strength for a particular application. Hardwired logic yields the best performance/cost, but a programmable processor is important for applications that support multiple coding standards, proprietary functions, or future changes to application requirements. Programmable video processor architectures achieve best performance through the use of parallelism at the data (SIMD), instruction (VLIW), and multiprocessor level, and optimally sized ALU, multiplier, and load/store datapaths. Because low-cost memory architectures are not optimized for the random access patterns of video processing, the performance of video processors is often limited by memory bandwidth rather than processing resources. Careful data organization alleviates memory bandwidth limitations. When choosing a video processor it is important to consider many factors, particularly performance, cost, power consumption, programmability, and...
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