Architecture Description for Mobile Distributed Systems

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Architecture Description for Mobile Distributed Systems
Abstract. In this paper we motivate an Architecture Description Language (ADL) for mobile distributed systems based on the π-calculus. Different from other approaches, the non-functional properties, which are essential when mobile architectures are described, are treated in a flexible manner by inserting logical formulae for expressing and checking non-functional properties into π-calculus processes. A formal example is given to illustrate the approach before the constituents of the ADL are sketched. 1 Motivation Modeling the architecture of mobile distributed systems using a domain-specific architecture description language (ADL) is considered as an useful approach [1], since the influence of mobility emphasizes the necessity to examine functional properties of software architectures as well as non-functional properties. This corresponds to the fact that “mobility represents a total meltdown of all stability assumptions ... associated with distributed computing” [2], which s...
Volker Gruhn, Clemens Schäfer
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where EWSA
Authors Volker Gruhn, Clemens Schäfer
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