An Architecture for Network Layer Privacy

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An Architecture for Network Layer Privacy
— We present an architecture for the provision of network layer privacy based on the SHIM6 multihoming protocol. In its basic form, the architecture prevents on-path eavesdroppers from using SHIM6 network layer information to correlate packets that belong to the same communication but use different locators. To achieve this, several extensions to the SHIM6 protocol and to the HBA (Hash Based Addresses) addressing model are defined. On its full-featured mode of operation, hosts can vary dynamically the addresses of the packets of on-going communications. Single-homed hosts can adopt the SHIM6 protocol with the privacy enhancements to benefit from this protection against information collectors.
Marcelo Bagnulo, Alberto García-Martí
Added 02 Jun 2010
Updated 02 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICC
Authors Marcelo Bagnulo, Alberto García-Martínez, Arturo Azcorra
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