An Architecture for Noncooperative QoS Provision in Many-Switch Systems

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An Architecture for Noncooperative QoS Provision in Many-Switch Systems
With the proliferation of high-speed networks and networked services, provisioning differentiated services to a diverse user base with heterogeneous QoS requirements has become an important problem. The traditional approach of resource reservation and admission control provides both guarantees and graded services, however, at the cost of potentially underutilized resources and limited scalability. In this paper, we describe a WAN QoS provision architecture that adaptively organizes best-effort bandwidth into stratified services with graded QoS properties such that the QoS needs of a diverse user base can be effectively met. Our architecture--SBS (Stratified Best-effort Service)--promotes a simple user/simple network realization where neither the user nor the network is burdened with complex computational responsibilities. SBS is scalable, efficient, and adaptive, and it complements the guaranteed service architecture, sharing a common network substrate comprised of GPS routers. It is a...
Shaogang Chen, Kihong Park
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Shaogang Chen, Kihong Park
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