Are Ontologies Involved in Natural Language Processing?

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Are Ontologies Involved in Natural Language Processing?
For certain disable persons unable to communicate, we present a palliative aid which consist of a virtual pictographic keyboard associated to a text processing from a pictographic scripture. Words and the grammar are given as pictograms. The pictographic lexicon must be organized following the mental lexicon of the user to propose the pictograms of grammar in order to facilitate his task of writing. We discuss the utility of ontologies in the organization of lexicons and in the building of texts. Ontologies and Natural language The problem In computer science, ontologies are aimed to structure the concepts of a domain. In the language field, ontology will structure the concepts of a language. The languages are systems that describe the world. Therefore, the question of the relationship between the language structures and ontologies structure have to be rise. There are several ways to structure a language: i) following two sets of units: the vocabulary and the grammar; ii) following an...
Maryvonne Abraham
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