Area Avoidance Routing in Distance-Vector Networks

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Area Avoidance Routing in Distance-Vector Networks
Network routing may be required, under certain applications, to avoid certain areas (or nodes) These areas can be of potential security threat, possess poor quality or have other undesired characteristics. Thus, protocols that can perform area avoidance routing can be beneficial for many objectives. Such routing is particularly challenging in distance-vector networks, where only the shortest-distance information is available to the nodes. We address this challenge by algorithms that retrieve distance-vector information from other nodes, we refer to as reference nodes, and exploit it for computing guaranteed areaavoiding paths. Having these paths, the source can direct the packets using loose source routing towards the destination. We first study the conditions that guarantee area avoidance routing for the scenario where routing can be done only through the reference nodes. Then we extend the problem to general area avoidance routing with no restrictions. For both scenarios we propose ...
Haim Zlatokrilov, Hanoch Levy
Added 31 May 2010
Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Haim Zlatokrilov, Hanoch Levy
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