Artist As Researcher, Understanding The Tools

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Artist As Researcher, Understanding The Tools
The paper begins with a response to the nature of contemporary artists relationships to how computers have permeated the fine art domain and how they affect the creative process. How should artists utilize this tool in order to fully understand and explore its potential? Using the example of a recent project I have undertaken called 'nGen', I shall discuss some aspects of how the computer tool has influenced the process and creative ambitions. The conclusion will briefly summarise my future research and what is a relatively new and potentially rich avenue for artists. Creative research Creativity in the visual arts is at a fascinating stage of development, because as an artist I have access to technology and innovative methods of modeling creative processes. I regard computers as both tools that enable the use of sophisticated software metaphors for visual language exploration, and as tools that offer the potential for artists to enter into a world of research in which they ...
Theresa Gartland-Jones
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Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Theresa Gartland-Jones
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