ASCENT: Adaptive Self-Configuring sEnsor Networks Topologies.

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ASCENT: Adaptive Self-Configuring sEnsor Networks Topologies.
—Advances in microsensor and radio technology will enable small but smart sensors to be deployed for a wide range of environmental monitoring applications. The low per-node cost will allow these wireless networks of sensors and actuators to be densely distributed. The nodes in these dense networks will coordinate to perform the distributed sensing and actuation tasks. Moreover, as described in this paper, the nodes can also coordinate to exploit the redundancy provided by high density so as to extend overall system lifetime. The large number of nodes deployed in these systems will preclude manual configuration, and the environmental dynamics will preclude design-time preconfiguration. Therefore, nodes will have to self-configure to establish a topology that provides communication under stringent energy constraints. ASCENT builds on the notion that, as density increases, only a subset of the nodes are necessary to establish a routing forwarding backbone. In ASCENT, each node assesses ...
Alberto Cerpa, Deborah Estrin
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Alberto Cerpa, Deborah Estrin
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