ASCW: an assistant for cooperative work

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ASCW: an assistant for cooperative work
The Assistant for Cooperative Work (ASCW) is a powerful system for the management of distributed work. It consists of the Task Manager, the organizational information system TOSCA and the video conferencing tool LIVE. With the Task Manager, common tasks may be shared and manipulated independently by a number of people. Users may organize cooperative tasks, monitor their progress, share documents and services, and exchange messages during task performance. TOSCA provides knowledge about the organizations and their resources which are relevant for the support of communication and cooperation, both for users and applications. Complementary to these two systems, LIVE supports inhouse and wide area video conferencing based on the broadband telecommunication net of the german TELEKOM. KEYWORDS Group communication, distributed work management, organizational modelling, video conferencing, integration OVERVIEW OF THE ASCW Working in large and geographically distributed business organizations ...
Thomas Kreifelts, Wolfgang Prinz
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Authors Thomas Kreifelts, Wolfgang Prinz
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