Assembly sequencing with toleranced parts

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Assembly sequencing with toleranced parts
The goal of assembly sequencing is to plan a feasible series of operations to construct a product from its individual parts. Previous research has investigated assembly sequencing under the assumption that parts have nominal geometry. This paper considers the case where parts have toleranced geometry. Its main contribution is an e cient procedure that decides if a product admits an assembly sequence with innite translations that is feasible for all possible instances of the components within the speci ed tolerances. If the product admits one such sequence, the procedure can also generate it. For the cases where there exists no such assembly sequence, another procedure is proposed which generates assembly sequences that are feasible only for some values of the toleranced dimensions. If this procedure produces no such sequence, then no instance of the product is assemblable. This work assumes a simple, but non-trivial tolerance language that falls short of capturing all imperfections of...
Jean-Claude Latombe, Randall H. Wilson
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Updated 26 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1995
Where SMA
Authors Jean-Claude Latombe, Randall H. Wilson
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