AtomSwarm: A Framework for Swarm Improvisation

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AtomSwarm: A Framework for Swarm Improvisation
Abstract. This paper introduces AtomSwarm, a framework for soundbased performance using swarm dynamics. The classical ruleset for flocking simulations is augmented with genetically-encoded behaviours, hormonal flows, and viral `memes', creating a complex sonic ecosystem that is capable of temporal adaptation and self-regulation. The architecture and sound design methodologies are summarised here, with critical reference to its biomimetic design process, sonic spatialisation and self-organising capabilities. It is finally suggested that the system's lifelikeness is a product of its relational complexity, creating empathic enpurely through abstract formal structures.
Daniel Jones
Added 19 Oct 2010
Updated 19 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where EVOW
Authors Daniel Jones
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