Augmenting anycast network flows

4 years 3 months ago
Augmenting anycast network flows
Updating network flows in a real-world setting is a nascent research area, especially with the recent rise of Software Defined Networks. While augmenting s-t flows of a single commodity is a well-understood concept, we study updating flows in a multi-commodity setting: Given a directed network with flows of different commodities, how can the capacity of some commodities be increased, without reducing capacities of other commodities, when moving flows in the network in an orchestrated order? To this extent, we show how the notion of augmenting flows can be efficiently extended to multiple commodities for anycast applications. CCS Concepts ˆNetworks → Network management; ˆTheory of computation → Network flows; Keywords Software Defined Networks, Congestion, Anycast, Flow Augmentation, Multi-Commodity Flow
Sebastian Brandt, Klaus-Tycho Förster, Roger
Added 04 Apr 2016
Updated 04 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Sebastian Brandt, Klaus-Tycho Förster, Roger Wattenhofer
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