AUGUR: providing context-aware interaction support

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AUGUR: providing context-aware interaction support
As user interfaces become more and more complex and feature laden, usability tends to decrease. One possibility to counter this effect are intelligent support mechanisms. In this paper, we present AUGUR, a system that provides context-aware interaction support for navigating and entering data in arbitrary form-based web applications. We further report the results of an initial user study we performed to evaluate the usability of such context-aware interaction support. AUGUR combines several novel approaches: (i) it considers various context sources for providing interaction support, and (ii) it contains a context store that mimics the user’s short-term memory to keep track of the context information that currently influences the user’s interactions. AUGUR thereby combines the advantages of the three main approaches for supporting the user’s interactions, i.e. knowledge-based systems, learning agents, and end-user programming. Keywords Context, Intelligent User Interfaces, Task M...
Melanie Hartmann, Daniel Schreiber, Max Mühlh
Added 22 Jul 2010
Updated 22 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where EICS
Authors Melanie Hartmann, Daniel Schreiber, Max Mühlhäuser
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