Aurora: A Data Stream Management System

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Aurora: A Data Stream Management System
The Aurora system [1] is an experimental data stream management system with a fully functional prototype. It includes both a graphical development environment, and a runtime system. We propose to demonstrate the Aurora system with its development environment and runtime system, with several example monitoring applications developed in consultation with defense, financial, and natural science communities. We will also demonstrate the effect of various system alternatives on various workloads. For example, we will show how different scheduling algorithms affect tuple latency and internal queue lengths. We will use some of our visualization tools to accomplish this. Data Stream Management Aurora is a data stream management system for monitoring applications. Streams are continuous data feeds from such sources as sensors, satellites and stock feeds. Monitoring applications track the data from numerous streams, filtering them for signs of abnormal activity and processing them for purposes ...
Daniel J. Abadi, Donald Carney, Ugur Çetint
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Daniel J. Abadi, Donald Carney, Ugur Çetintemel, Mitch Cherniack, Christian Convey, C. Erwin, Eduardo F. Galvez, M. Hatoun, Anurag Maskey, Alex Rasin, A. Singer, Michael Stonebraker, Nesime Tatbul, Ying Xing, R. Yan, Stanley B. Zdonik
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