The Australian Coastal Ocean radar Network facility

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The Australian Coastal Ocean radar Network facility
The Australian Coastal Ocean radar Network (ACORN) is a monitoring network of HF radars which are being installed around Australia under a National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRlS). It is a five-year project, at the end ofwhich there will be five pairs ofradar stations and one triplet installed and operating, enabled by the central pool offunding for the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) which is a part of NCRlS, and augmented by funding from other sources. At each chosen site there is a pair (or triplet) of radar stations, mounted on the shore, which receive radar echoes fi'om the rough sea. Four ofthe pairs ofradar stations are phased array installations and one pair and the triplet are of the amplitude direction finding genre. The NCRIS strategy is to provide easily accessed data, freely available to researchers in quality controlled archives. The IMOS aim is to produce data which will support research into coastal dynamics and exchange between th...
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