Automata-Based Axiom Pinpointing

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Automata-Based Axiom Pinpointing
Axiom pinpointing has been introduced in description logics (DL) to help the user understand the reasons why consequences hold by computing minimal subsets of the knowledge base that have the consequence in question (MinA). Most of the pinpointing algorithms described in the DL literature are obtained as extensions of tableau-based reasoning algorithms for computing consequences from DL knowledge bases. In this paper, we show that automata-based algorithms for reasoning in DLs can also be extended to pinpointing algorithms. The idea is that the tree automaton constructed by the automata-based approach can be transformed into a weighted tree automaton whose so-called behaviour yields a pinpointing formula, i.e., a monotone Boolean formula whose minimal valuations correspond to the MinAs. We also develop an approach for computing the behaviour of a given weighted tree automaton.
Franz Baader, Rafael Peñaloza
Added 03 Dec 2009
Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CADE
Authors Franz Baader, Rafael Peñaloza
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