Automated physical design in database caches

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Automated physical design in database caches
Abstract— Performance of proxy caches for database federations that serve a large number of users is crucially dependent on its physical design. Current techniques, automated or otherwise, for physical design depend on the identification of a representative workload. In proxy caches, however, such techniques are inadequate since workload characteristics change rapidly. This is remarkably shown at the proxy cache of SkyQuery, an Astronomy federation, which receives a continuously evolving workload. We present novel techniques for automated physical design that adapt with the workload and balance the performance benefits of physical design decisions with the cost of implementing these decisions. These include both competitive and incremental algorithms that optimize the combined cost of query evaluation and making physical design changes. Our techniques are general in that they do not make assumptions about the underlying schema nor the incoming workload. Preliminary experiments on t...
Tanu Malik, Xiaodan Wang, Randal C. Burns, Debabra
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Updated 30 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ICDE
Authors Tanu Malik, Xiaodan Wang, Randal C. Burns, Debabrata Dash, Anastasia Ailamaki
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