Automated Procedure Construction for Deductive Synthesis

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Automated Procedure Construction for Deductive Synthesis
Deductive program synthesis systems based on automated theorem proving offer the promise of software that is correct by construction. However, the difficulty encountered in constructing usable deductive synthesis systems has prevented their widespread use. Amphion is a real-world, domain-independent, completely automated program synthesis system. It is specialized to specific applications through the creation of an operational domain theory and a specialized deductive engine. This paper describes an experiment aimed at making the construction of usable Amphion applications easier. The software system Theory Operationalization for Program Synthesis (TOPS) has a library of decision procedure templates with a theory schema for each procedure. TOPS identifies sets of axioms in the domain theory that are instances of theory schema associated with library procedures. For each procedure instance, TOPS uses iterated partial deduction to augment the procedure with the capability to construct gr...
Steve Roach, Jeffrey Van Baalen
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Type Journal
Year 2005
Where ASE
Authors Steve Roach, Jeffrey Van Baalen
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