Automatic application-specific microarchitecture reconfiguration

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Automatic application-specific microarchitecture reconfiguration
Applications for constrained embedded systems are subject to strict time constraints and restrictive resource utilization. With soft core processors, application developers can customize the processor for their application, constrained by resources but aimed at high application performance. With such freedom in the design space of the processor, however, comes complexity. We present here an automatic optimization technique that helps the developers with the processor microarchitecture customization. A naive approach exploring all possible configurations is exponential with the number of parameters and hence is clearly infeasible, even with only tens of reconfigurable parameters. Instead, our approach runs in time that is linear with the number of parameter values, based on an assumption of parameter independence. This makes the approach feasible and scalable. For the dimensions that we customize, namely application runtime and hardware resources, we formulate their costs as a constr...
Shobana Padmanabhan, Ron K. Cytron, Roger D. Chamb
Added 12 Jun 2010
Updated 12 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IPPS
Authors Shobana Padmanabhan, Ron K. Cytron, Roger D. Chamberlain, John W. Lockwood
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