Automatic Image Annotation Using Maximum Entropy Model

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Automatic Image Annotation Using Maximum Entropy Model
Automatic image annotation is a newly developed and promising technique to provide semantic image retrieval via text descriptions. It concerns a process of automatically labeling the image contents with a pre-defined set of keywords which are exploited to represent the image semantics. A Maximum Entropy Model-based approach to the task of automatic image annotation is proposed in this paper. In the phase of training, a basic visual vocabulary consisting of blob-tokens to describe the image content is generated at first; then the statistical relationship is modeled between the blob-tokens and keywords by a Maximum Entropy Model constructed from the training set of labeled images. In the phase of annotation, for an unlabeled image, the most likely associated keywords are predicted in terms of the blob-token set extracted from the given image. We carried out experiments on a medium-sized image collection with about 5000 images from Corel Photo CDs. The experimental results demonstrated th...
Wei Li, Maosong Sun
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Wei Li, Maosong Sun
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