Automatic View Selection: An Application to Image Mining

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Automatic View Selection: An Application to Image Mining
Abstract. In this paper we discuss an image mining application of Egeria detection. Egeria is a type of weed found in various lands and water regions over San Joaquin and Sacramento deltas. The challenge is to find a view to accurately detect the weeds in new images. Our solution contributes two new aspects to image mining. (1) Application of view selection to image mining: View selection is appropriate when a specific learning task is to be learned. For example, to look for an object in a set of images, it is useful to select the appropriate views (a view is a set of features and their assigned values). (2) Automatic view selection for accurate detection: Usually classification problems rely on user-defined views. But in this work we use association rule mining to automatically select the best view. Results show that the selected view outperforms other views including the full view.
Manoranjan Dash, Deepak Kolippakkam
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Manoranjan Dash, Deepak Kolippakkam
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