Automatically locating framework extension examples

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Automatically locating framework extension examples
Using and extending a framework is a challenging task whose difficulty is exacerbated by the poor documentation that generally comes with the framework. Even in the presence of documentation, developers often desire implementation examples for concrete guidance. We propose an approach that automatically locates implementation examples from a code base given lightweight documentation of a framework. Based on our experience with concern-oriented documentation, we devised an approach that uses the framework documentation as a template and that finds instances of this template in a code base. The concern instances represent self-contained and structured implementation examples: the relationships and the roles of parts composing the examples are uncovered and explained. We implemented our approach in a tool and conducted a study comparing the results of our tool with results provided by Eclipse committers, showing that our approach can locate examples with high precision. Categories and Su...
Barthélémy Dagenais, Harold Ossher
Added 20 Nov 2009
Updated 20 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Barthélémy Dagenais, Harold Ossher
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