Automating Space Allocation in Higher Education

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Automating Space Allocation in Higher Education
The allocation of office space in any large institution is usually a problematical issue, which often demands a substantial amount of time to perform manually. The result of this allocation affects the lives of whoever makes use of the space. In the higher education sector in the UK, space is becoming an increasingly precious commodity. Student numbers have risen significantly over the last few years and as a result, university departments have grown in size. In addition, universities have come under increasing financial pressure to ensure that space is utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, space utilization is only one issue to take into account when measuring whether or not a particular allocation is of a sufficient high quality. The problem of space allocation is further complicated by the fact that no standard procedure is practiced throughout the higher education sector. Most institutions have their own standards and requirements, which are often very diffe...
Edmund K. Burke, D. B. Varley
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Year 1998
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Authors Edmund K. Burke, D. B. Varley
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