Autonomous security for autonomous systems

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Autonomous security for autonomous systems
The Internet's interdomain routing protocol, BGP, supports a complex network of Autonomous Systems which is vulnerable to a number of potentially crippling attacks. Several promising cryptography-based solutions have been proposed, but their adoption has been hindered by the need for community consensus, cooperation in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and a common security protocol. Rather than force centralized control in a distributed network, this paper examines distributed security methods that are amenable to incremental deployment. Typically, such methods are less comprehensive and not provably secure. The paper describes a distributed anomaly detection and response system that provides comparable security to cryptographic methods and has a more plausible adoption path. Specifically, the paper makes the following contributions: (1) it describes Pretty Good BGP (PGBGP), whose security is comparable (but not identical) to Secure Origin BGP; (2) it gives theoretical proofs o...
Josh Karlin, Stephanie Forrest, Jennifer Rexford
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CN
Authors Josh Karlin, Stephanie Forrest, Jennifer Rexford
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