AutoSched Tutorial

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AutoSched Tutorial
The AutoSchedTM finite capacity planning and scheduling tool helps you increase throughput, reduce in-process inventory, and increase equipment and personnel utilization. AutoSched efficiently schedules all of the constraints in your factory, such as shift schedules, work setup rules, batching, preventative maintenance, machine efficiency, and operator skill classes. With AutoSched, you can identify your bottleneck resources and apply intelligent operating rules to improve performance. One manufacturer reduced its average cycle time from 25 to 5 days, and reduced inprocess inventory to one-fifth previous levels using AutoSched. Scheduling with AutoSched allows you to set accurate commit dates, based on the current mix of work, available resources, and existing commit dates. AutoSched uses the AutoModTM simulation system, AutoSimulations’ proprietary simulation technology. AutoMod provides the discrete event simulation engine, 3-D graphics, and material handling constructs that are t...
Bill Lindler
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