Avatar-centric Risk Evaluation

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Avatar-centric Risk Evaluation
Hazard detection and prevention of natural and manmade disasters at critical civil infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Recent events, such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks, clearly demonstrated the societal and economical impact stemming from the limitations and uncertainty within currently deployed emergency response systems. We present a new data visualization and simulation platform that will facilitate risk detection, emergency response and assessment in hazardous situations. The platform is based on the acquisition, modeling and analysis of sensor data, to capture objects and temporal changes in the observed spaces. Avatars are acquired, inserted and tracked in a virtual environment, enabling the simulation of multiple perilous situations and assisting in determining possible risk mitigation strategies. While the initial research focus is on algorithms and techniques in the field of hazard detection and prevention using path planning, the results can also be a...
Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol, Falko Kuester, Oscar Garc&
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Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ISM
Authors Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol, Falko Kuester, Oscar García Panella, J. Andres Fernandez Munuera
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