Back to basics in CS1 and CS2

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Back to basics in CS1 and CS2
This paper describes a significant redesign of the introductory courses at the University of Washington that has led to increased enrollments, increased student satisfaction and an increase in the number of women admitted to the CS major. The new courses are still taught in Java, but they represent a return to the basics that were emphasized in the pre-Java era. The biggest changes have occurred in the CS1 course where we have replaced an “objects early” curriculum with a more traditional procedural approach using static methods in Java. The new CS1 course emphasizes problem solving, procedural decomposition and mastery of basic skills (e.g., loops, conditionals and arrays). The new CS2 course emphasizes data structures, linked lists, binary trees and recursion. Categories and Subject Descriptors K3.2 [Computers and Education]: Computer and Information Science Education – computer science education, curriculum. General Terms None. Keywords CS1, CS2, objects first, problem solvin...
Stuart Reges
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Year 2006
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